McPherson Struts Take Happy Hour to a Whole New Level of Good Times at Hell on Wheels

““Rock bands with singing drummers take a lot of flak from some critics (amnesiacs who don’t remember the Dave Clark Five), but McPherson could make a believer of the staunchest skeptic. He handles his dual role the same way Jerry Lee Lewis does double duty.””

Rockabilly Meets Cow Punk. McPherson Struts will bring the party, but are you ready for these good ole’ boys from Alabama???

““Make no mistake about it, what we’ve got here is 38 minutes of rockabilly-country-metal-punk-grunge-hotrod inflected bar band music at it’s finest, yes finest. It don’t come no finer! Torrid, nasty, hot, relentless bang, bang, bang with an occasional twang!””

— – SLAMM, San Diego lifestyle and music magazine
Band Members
Buck McPherson- Drums/Lead Vocal
Jeff Freeman- Bass/Vocals
Jake Hanbury- Guitar/vocals
Anniston Alabama